Breaking News: NSW Occupation List Has Been Released (July 31, 2021)

#NSW #Occupation #List has been released. A number of occupations are now eligible for 190 and 491.
For NSW 190 visa :

You must be either (a) currently employed in NSW where your employment meets the standard for claiming skilled employment in your nominated occupation, OR (b) have genuinely resided in NSW for a minimum period of three months

For NSW 491 there will be 3 streams:

Stream 1 — I am living and working in Regional NSW

Stream 2 — I have recently completed a study in Regional NSW

Stream 3 — I am skilled in an occupation required in Regional NSW

Applicants living inter-state or in Sydney can apply under Stream 3.

NSW 491 nomination will be on an invitation basis this financial year and there will be 4 submission windows during the

financial year.

Anyone receiving NSW 491 nomination will become ineligible to apply for NSW 190 or another NSW 491 nomination.

LINK: https://www.nsw.gov.au/topics/visas-and-migration/skilled-visas/nsw-skilled-occupation-lists