Professional CV Writing

You must have a CV. The starting point for any job is a strong and powerful CV that will open Professional CV Writingdoors. Having your CV written by a ‘Professional CV Writer’ will sell your skills and achievements in the right way, giving you an edge over other applicants and making you an attractive prospect for employers.

If you’re submitting CV after CV and receiving no results at all — not even a call? Your CV may be fatally flawed.

Our Professional CV Writing session will produce the following outcomes:

  • Have your CV shortlisted from a pile of CVs.
  • Have your own unique CV.
  • No one can copy and paste the contents of your CV..


You can also read the article on “CV Writing Tips for Today’s World”, published in Dawn Newspaper, Careers Section, page 11 [Sunday, 8th May 2011], which is available here:

CV Writing Tips for Today’s World – Download here


Option 1: The Do It Yourself Approach
Buy the CV eBook: Create a Winning CV.
Purchase my CV eBook “Create a Winning CV” to enable you to create your own CV. This is a very cost effective method of creating a powerful CV.
You get an e-Book to guide you step by step through creating your CV, and covering letter, plus the preliminary steps will help you prepare for interview.
Remember, this is not just about getting a CV together.
It will also guide you through creating a covering letter.


Option 2: The Do It Yourself + Professional Support Approach
Resume Analysis/Critiquing.
In Resume Analysis session, we analyse your CV in detail and critique on it as to what things to add and subtract and how things should be written. This is a FULL 1 hour session and we will guide you from font style to font size, the headings of your CVs and how the contents should be written including the entire formatting. You will then, go home and spend about 3-4 hours to implement those changes yourself.


Option 3: The Professional Support Approach

Arrange to have your CV and covering letter professionally created
This is not a quick job, I need to fully understand what you did in each job and I’ll ask you questions to get you thinking about specific achievements. If a recent graduate, I’ll also ask you questions about your time at university, your internships, your extra curricular activities and vacation work.


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