Latest changes and news from Engineers Australia … Australia Immigration

Some important changes and updates that have happened or are scheduled to happen shortly.

NEW FEE STRUCTURE Please note that the fees for the Migration Skills Assessment services will apply from 1st September 2019.

Click here to download and see the new fee structure.

NEW NATIONAL MANAGER OF SKILLS ASSESSMENT  Engineers Australia will continue to seek excellence through quality service delivery.

NEW MIGRATION AGENT APPOINTMENT FORM Please note that the Migration Agent Appointment Form has been updated.  You can access and download the new form here.

CHANGE IN LENGTH OF BAN Engineers Australia has been taking serious actions against unethical behaviours. Providing misleading or false information, plagiarised content or fraudulent documents may result in a rejection of the whole application and a ban from submitting another application, including notifying the Department of Home Affairs of the unethical behaviour. Depending on the unethical behaviour, the ban imposed could be either 12 or 24 months. Engineers Australia maintains the right to impose or extend the ban period when the unethical behaviour was found at any stage of the process. This will be deployed soon.


  1. Please lodge your client’s migration skills assessment application under their own name and EA ID. Do not lodge the application under your own Agent’s name and EA ID.
  2. Please do not seek clarification of the request through MyPortal. If you are not sure about the requested documents and/or information, please contact the Member Services team.
  3. Please be aware our Migration Skills Assessment Booklet is updated regularly (the most recent version is issued in May 2019). Ensure your copy is the latest version and refer to the updated application guidelines.

If a temporary email address is used when creating an applicant’s EA ID (Note: this is not advised), please ensure that the email is updated to the applicant’s actual email address once an outcome has been given.


Source: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/News