CANBERRA ANNOUNCED New Occupation List 2019-20: Effective 1 July 2019 … AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION

ACT Occupation List updates

While a major analysis of the demand for occupations will generally be undertaken twice a year (in February and August) the demand for each occupation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Once it is determined that the demand for an occupation has been met, the occupation will be closed without further notice.



The ACT is not responsible for inaccuracies in this list of occupations.  For a full list of eligible occupations for migration purposes refer to the relevant legislative instrument LIN 19/051


131112Sales & Marketing ManagerOpen
131113Advertising ManagerOpen
132511Research and development manager **Open
225311Public Relations ProfessionalOpen
232112Landscape ArchitectOpen
232411Graphic DesignerOpen
232414Web DesignerOpen
232611Urban & Regional PlannerOpen
233211Civil EngineerOpen
233212Geotechnical EngineerOpen
233213Quantity SurveyorOpen
233214Structural EngineerOpen
233911Aeronautical EngineerOpen
233912Agricultural EngineerOpen
233913Biomedical EngineerOpen
233914Engineering TechnologistOpen
233915Environmental EngineerOpen
233999Engineering Professionals necOpen
233916Naval Architect**Open
234111Agricultural Consultant**Open
234112Agricultural Scientist**Open
234211Chemist **Open
234312Environmental Consultant **Open
234313Environmental Research Scientist **Open
234399Environmental Scientists nec **Open
234411Geologist **Open
234412Geophysicist **Open
234413Hydrogeologist **Open
234511Life Scientist (general) **Open
234513Biochemist **Open
234514Biotechnologist **Open
234516Marine Biologist**Open
241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) TeacherOpen
242111University Lecturer ##Open
251211Medical Diagnostic RadiographerOpen
251212Medical Radiation TherapistOpen
251213Nuclear Medicine TechnologistOpen
251511Hospital Pharmacist ##Open
251512Industrial Pharmacist ##Open
251513Retail Pharmacist ##Open
252411Occupational TherapistOpen
252712Speech PathologistOpen
253111General PractitionerOpen
253112Resident Medical OfficerOpen
254311Nurse ManagerOpen
254411Nurse PractitionerOpen
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)Open
254413Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health)Open
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)Open
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care & Emergency)Open
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)Open
254417Registered Nurse (Disability & Rehabilitation)Open
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)Open
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)Open
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)Open
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)Open
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)Open
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)Open
254499Registered Nurses (nec)Open
261111ICT Business Analyst **Open
261112Systems Analyst**Open
261211Multimedia SpecialistOpen
261212Web DeveloperOpen
261311Analyst Programmer**Open
261312Developer Programmer**Open
261313Software Engineer**Open
261314Software Tester**Open
261399Software and Applications Programmers nec**Open
262111Database Administrator**Open
262112ICT Security Specialist**Open
262113Systems Administrator**Open
263111Computer Network & Systems Engineer**Open
263112Network Administrator**Open
263113Network Analyst**Open
263211ICT Quality Assurance Engineer**Open
263212ICT Support Engineer**Open
263213ICT Systems Test Engineer**Open
263299ICT Support and Test Engineers (nec)**Open
263311Telecommunications Engineer**Open
272311Clinical PsychologistOpen
272312Educational PsychologistOpen
272313Organisational PsychologistOpen
272399Psychologists (nec)Open
272511Social WorkerOpen
272612Recreation OfficerOpen
272613Welfare WorkerOpen
321211Motor Mechanic (General)Open
321212Diesel Motor MechanicOpen
321213Motorcycle MechanicOpen
321214Small Engine MechanicOpen
322311Metal FabricatorOpen
322313Welder (First Class)Open
324111Panel beaterOpen
332211Painting Trades WorkersOpen
333211Fibrous PlastererOpen
333212Solid PlastererOpen
334111Plumber (General) ^^Open
334112Aircon. & Mechanical Services Plumber  ^^Open
334113Drainer  ^^Open
334114Gasfitter  ^^Open
334115Roof Plumber  ^^Open
341111Electrician (General) ^^Open
341112Electrician (Special Class) ^^Open
341113Lift Mechanic  ^^Open
342111Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic  ^^Open
411411Enrolled NurseOpen
^^  Registration or licencing is required

** Employment Caveat. Minimum one year ACT employment contract (in the nominated occupation).  The employment must be with a medium to large enterprise (50 plus employees) located in the ACT; or an academic appointment at an ACT tertiary institution. 



## Minimum one year employment contract with an ACT employer in the nominated occupation



For complete occupation list, download PDF file here: http://www.canberrayourfuture.com.au/workspace/uploads/documents/final-act-occupation-list-1-july-19.pdf

Source: http://www.canberrayourfuture.com.au/portal/migrating/article/act-occupation-list/