Between Belgium, Denmark and Australia, which is the most accepting and inclusive of immigrants?

Between Belgium, Denmark and Australia, which is the most accepting and inclusive of immigrants?

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Dano Sims

Definitely Australia.

Australia is the most diverse of the three countries mentioned and I’d say it’s more diverse and accepting than most of Western Europe. That does not hide the fact that there is a problem with racism in Australian society – it is still a significant issue; However unlike European countries Australia is an “Immigrant Nation”.

This is a poll on Inclusiveness towards religious/ethnic minorities and LGBT Citizens. Australia fares higher than Belgium on most scales including migrant acceptance. Denmark is not included here but from what I’ve heard of the differences between Swedes and Danes I’d say Denmark sits slightly below Sweden on the Index (Sweden ranks below Australia but higher than Belgium).


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Jakob Kidde Sauntved

Australia of course, it’s a rather odd question.

Australia used to be Anglo-Celtic (very much was prior to WW2) and I know some people like to compare it to Europe saying it has – or had – a “core ethnicity”, but it’s not really comparable at all as a settler society with an utterly marginalized indigenous population, that developed into a very diverse and multicultural place. It is as much an “immigrant nation” as Canada or the US. Such countries are inherently different in their attitude to integration of immigrants than ethno-cultural nation states as the European.

Belgium has always been bi-national and the common tie between them was Catholicism, but it’s still basically an ethno-cultural nation that has received guest workers and refugees post-WW2. As such it’s not really all that different from other European nation states in having significant opposition to immigration. Bruxelles being the EU-capital gives it an international flair, but that hardly changes the fundamentals.

Denmark is at heart an ethnically based nation state that has just taken in some guest workers, refugees and “ in the last 50 years. Large parts of the population isn’t comfortable with the country being an immigrant country at all.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Between-Belgium-Denmark-and-Australia-which-is-the-most-accepting-and-inclusive-of-immigrants